IT- and Information Security in english? Of course!

Even though most parts of our homepage are written in German, we also offer most of our services in English – in speech and writing.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetrationtests

You need a vulnerability assessment or penetration test for your (web) application or your operating systems and services?
We would love to help you with these topics. Check out our offers.

Vulnerability scan „plus“

The affordable starting point to learn about the IT security of your systems:

  • Kick-off and final call via telephone if desired
  • Assessment and report are normally completed within 48 hours after your order
  • Detailed assessment report in English or German
  • No false positives due to manual review and evaluation of the findings
  • including a manual review of typical vulnerabilities

All we need are the target systems and your „go“. Try it out. The assessment of up to 5 systems will cost you below 1000 €.

Penetration test „full“

You need a more comprehensive assessment of a single system or application?
You’re welcome. Our security experts will analyse your application or system in detail to discover vulnerabilities like:

  • SQL injection
  • Command injection
  • Cross site scripting
  • Logical errors
  • and many more!

Our penetration tests cover the aspects of the OWASP TOP 10 or OWASP ASVS.

All assessment results are delivered in English or German as PDF report including a CSV overview of the findings and a XML representation of the report – if desired.

Pragmatic, efficient and flexible: launch your assessment whenever you want using our web portal or API. 

IT- and Information Security Consulting

Are you looking for an independent IT security expert?
We love to share our expertise in the field of IT and information security.
If you need any support, a second opinion or a manufacturer and product independent evaluation, we help you.

Our current topics are:

  • Web application security
  • Network and DMZ security
  • Cloud security (Azure, AWS)
  • Secure development
  • DevSecOps – security of and within the pipeline
  • Security in supplier relationships

If you have any topic, just us.